1167 Licenses foundActive license summary
License holder companyBrandLicense number
Helioakmi, S.A.ST-2000, 2500-AL-SELSKM9926-3
Helioakmi, S.A.MEGASUN ST-ALSEL 2000, MEGASUN ST- ALSEL 2500SKM-9926-3
Fototherm S.p.A.FTXXXAL (XXX = from 285Wp to 310Wp with 5 steps)KIP0000421A-00
Sunerg Solar S.r.l.BLUh+15706Rev.0
Sunerg Solar S.r.l.BLUhx+15707Rev.0
HRsolar B.V.HPC2,515417Rev.0
ATAG Verwarming Nederland B.V.SolarcollectorII15418Rev.0
Pleion Industries S.r.l.X-AIR 1415425Rev.0
HRsolar B.V.STC 1,6 Nero15446Rev.0
ATAG Verwarming Nederland B.V.Solar Collector II 1,6 m215769Rev.0
Sunerg Solar S.r.l.Solex15974Rev.0
Sunerg Solar S.r.l.Solex15975Rev.0
Pleion Industries S.r.l.X-RAY 21 R 16082Rev.0
Pleion Industries S.r.l.X-RAY 14 R;X-RAY 15 R;X-RAY 16 R;X-RAY 17 R;X-RAY 18 R;X-RAY 19 R;X-RAY 20 R16083Rev.0
Pleion Industries S.r.l.X-RAY 10 R;X-RAY 11 R;X-RAY 12 R;X-RAY 13 R16084Rev.0
Idrocalor S.r.l.EOS TH 16223Rev.0
Solar Energy Booster BVSEB 3KIP0000170-00
Sun Gen S.r.l.FOCUSKIP0000689-00
Project S.r.l.TGS-H2.0KIP0001355-00

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